AI File Splitter And Joiner

AI File Splitter And Joiner 1.1

Flexible and efficient tool to split and join together binary files
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BYAI company, Inc.

AI File Splitter And Joiner is an extremely easy-to-use software tool to split and join together nearly any binary file, including ASCII, UTF8, Unicode16, and Unicode32 files. The resulting files will follow the file extension sequence of your choice, and you can also choose to produce a BAT file that the person receiving the files can use to rejoin them without having the program installed in their system.

This free application allows you to split large files in an extremely simple and flexible way. Files can be sliced into smaller portions of a specific size (in bytes, Kilobytes, or Gigabytes), or in a fixed number of smaller files. Either way, the program will make the necessary calculations to produce files of the same size while fulfilling your requirements. The files to be produced will be listed in a panel, together with their file size. You will be prompted whenever the number of files resulting from your choices exceeds a reasonable number (for instance, if you ask the program to split a 4 GB file into 300-byte chunks).

You can use either numbers or letters to replace the original extension of the file, which will then follow a numeric or alphabetic sequence, respectively. You also have the possibility of using any other custom extension, including one following a template designed by yourself. The possibilities are manifold thanks to the application's flexibility.

Finally, and to make things easier for the person receiving the set of files at the other end of the chain, you can attach a convenient .BAT file to the package. This batch file will recreate the original file from the corresponding segments even if this person does not have AI File Splitter And Joiner running in their system.

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  • Simple interface with easy-to-apply merging and cutting settings
  • Offers various splitting options


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